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June 22, 2017
June 12, 2017

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Learn how to explore career pathways and skills for
success in families, careers, and communities.

Put the brakes on impaired driving and traffic crashes.
Through peer education help your friends arrive alive and
lower the number one cause of death for youth in America.

Discover how you can strengthen family relationships through
FCCLA's national peer education program, Families First.

Manage your money! Use this program to help you make, save,
and spend your money wisely to be financially fit.

Take Action in your community and discover the difference
you can make.

Give yourself the power to make a positive change in your
families, careers, and communities, one goal at a time

Empower youth with attitudes, skills, and resources to recognize,
report, and reduce youth violence.

The Healthy You, The Fit You, The Real You, and The Resilient You.

National Program Award Application - Ohio FCCLA recognizes the top three National Programs completed in the state of Ohio. Applicants should complete the National Program Award Application through the national affiliation system by March 1st to be in the running for the Ohio National Program Awards. In addition, chapters whom complete the application will be in the running to receive national recognition as well.