FCCLA is the Ultimate Leadership Experience and we want to see all Ohio FCCLA members !nspiRED this year. Which is why this tab is just for you! Delve deeper and see how you can become more involved this year or what resources are available to you. Visit this tab often for updated information.


Career Development Events

CDE Handbook

Personal Achievement

Chapter Degree:

Earning the Chapter Degree is an impressive accomplishment that requires hard work and dedication. Members must complete activities of their choosing that are built around six (6) goals. The local chapter is responsible for evaluating the activities, and for awarding the Chapter Degree. Completing the Chapter Degree is an excellent personal achievement and a great first step for those interested in completing the State Degree.

Power of One:

Have you ever thought about a special goal? Maybe you would like to develop better study habits, cope with a physical challenge, get along with a sibling, improve job skills, become a better leader - or any other personal goal. Power of One is for You! You select the goals most important to you, then create a plan of action to meet them. Completing the Power of One can help you achieve personal growth. Recipients will be awarded at the State and National Leadership Conference.

State Degree:

The State Degree is an in-depth person study that is a fulfilling and rewarding accomplishment. Members delve into an intensive journey with six goals and 14 activities. The State Degree is a great way for members to grow within the organization. The Ohio FCCLA Endowment has earmarked one scholarship to an outstanding state degree recipient. Are you ready to take the next step in your leadership journey? If yes, the State Degree is the way to go!

Service Learning:

The State Outreach Project is “Our Kids, Our Family”. This year Ohio FCCLA will focus on helping disadvantaged and underprivileged youth in our communities. Service learning is important because it allows us to give back to a community that has given so much. Please track your hours through the Service Learning Portal.

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