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August 1, 2017

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Chapter Officer and
Adviser Training




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Education and Training

Career Development Events (Star Events)

Career Development Events Handbook

2017-2018 Ohio FCCLA Program and Event Release of Liability and Consent Form

Ohio PowerPoint Template


1)   Advocacy
2)   Chapter in Review Display
3)   Chapter in Review Portfolio
4)   Chapter Service Project Display
5)   Chapter Service Project Portfolio 
6)   National Programs in Action 
7)   Promote and Publicize FCCLA!

Career Preparation

1)   Early Childhood Education
2)   Focus on Children 
3)   Nutrition and Wellness
4)   Sports Nutrition 
5)   Teach and Train


1)   Career Investigation 
2)   Entrepreneurship
3)   Environmental Ambassador
4)   Illustrated Talk 
5)   Job Interview
6)   Interpersonal Communications
7)   Leadership
8)   Life Event Planning
9)   Parliamentary Procedure


Ohio Only


1)  Curriculum Unit Development (Updated)
2)  Language and Literacy Development
3)  Specific Task Assessment Kit (Updated)
4)  Event Planning